An Ancient Fertilizer

An ancient fertilizer of the Andes that fueled the rise of a vast empire and brought the world potatoes, tomatoes, etc.

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Nature's Organics

Peruvian Gold is fertilizer the way nature intended, refined by evolution, untouched by man, and proven over thousands of years.

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Sustainable Agriculture

Winterfalls Ranch provides a safe haven for all the animals and visitors living on and around Winterfalls. They live in harmony with the environment and life.

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Optimum Results

Agriculture is often incredibly passionate work. This is the reason behind our dedication to crafting a fertilizer mirroring your passion for agriculture.

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  • Testimonial #3
    ‎ “Wine is a gateway drug to environmentalism.”...
    - Katherine Cole , Author - Voodoo Vintners: Oregon's Astonishing Biodynamic Winegrowers

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Decades of passion, centuries of evolution

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Winterfalls Ranch is proud to welcome you to our website. You being here means that both of us harbor the same passion for growing and horticulture, be it as a hobby or professionally.  Decades of passion in finding agricultural success has finally found a home. It has taken thousands of years, centuries of evolution, and a crazy amount of hard work, but we are proud to offer Peruvian Gold – environmentally-friendly amendments, fertilizers, & hydroponic nutrients for all of your growing needs and mediums.

Our growers, testers, and all of us at Winterfalls Ranch are confident that the product line we offer by Peruvian Gold Organic Fertilizers & Soil Amendments will meet your expectations of the nutrient demands for your agricultural or horticultural needs.  Check with your local retailer or on-line for availability.

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