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Winterfalls Ranch

Winterfalls Llama Ranch is the manufacturer of Peruvian Gold Organic fertilizers andDSC01107 soil amendments.  Located at approximately the 3000 ft elevation in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the llamas roam a 14-acre ranch, which consists of a variety of terrain, with many pines, oak, and madrone trees, that provide exercise, shade, and shelter.  These llamas are the producers of Peruvian Gold Organic Llama Manure and horticultural products that are derived from composted llama manure.

At Winterfalls Ranch we compost the llama manure to produce stable all natural organic fertilizers and soil amendments.  Llama manure is an excellent source for amendments, fertilizers/nutrients, and growing media for the vegetable garden, potted plants, vineyards, etc.  There is no odor from the dried manure beans and soaked in water to make a tea, the manure makes one of the best compost teas around.

DSC00751The ranch is maintained for the comfort and safety of the animals.  The llamas have plenty of room in each pasture for the herd to roam, run or just get away from the others, (and us when it’s time to put on a halter).  Even the chickens are free range and roam the 14 acres among the llamas.  The chickens are on the ranch to keep the insect pests population under control.  They are not raised for meat, (we do however, eat and share the eggs).

From the chickens, picking through compost for bugs to llamas producing our raw product every resident on Winterfalls Ranch is important to the function and sustainability of the company as the next.  We carry that philosophy into our Peruvian Gold products.  Every company, person and animal involved with Peruvian Gold from our customers to our testers is equally important to the success of Winterfalls.