Feeding Schedules

Feeding Schedules

The feeding schedules in these charts are recommendations based on our own and our customers experience in the greenhouse, garden, and home.  Adjustments may be made depending on soil, media systems, or conditions of plants.

The schedules are set up using the complete line of fertilizers in a 12 week cycle.  If a longer growing cycle is intended extend the Micro Builder use for as long as your extended cycle will be.  The Head Start and Bloom Rush application times remain the same.

In the PDF down loadable file you will find feeding schedules for each of the individual fertilizers for the growers that are using Peruvian Gold fertilizer in conjunction with other fertilizers or nutrient programs.

If you develop your own feeding schedules we would love to hear from you and share with other growers.

Peruvian Gold Liquid Fertilizer solutions can be foliar applied via hand or electric pump sprayers, siphon mixers, hose end sprayers, and dial sprayers.

Complete downloadable schedules can be found under the PDF link.