Mother Lode Fertilizer

Scene in the forestThe substance of the winds is too thin for human eyes, their written language is too difficult for human minds, and their spoken language mostly too faint for the ears.  ~ John Muir

     Peruvian Gold’s Mother Lode Fertilizer, derived from composted llama manure produced at Winterfalls Ranch in Pollock Pines, Calif., provides the following organic nutrients, Nitrogen 1.81%, Phosphorus 0.62%, Potash 1.48%, Calcium 1.55%, Magnesium 0.53%, Iron 0.5985% and Manganese 0.0792. The llamas on Winterfalls Ranch enjoy a diet of organic hay and fresh organic grasses producing stable composted organic manure that provides organic nutrition for your plants.

     Peruvian Gold Mother Lode Fertilizer provides more nitrogen and potash than many other agricultural animal types of manure.  By providing a variety of macro, secondary and micronutrients, improving soil structure, increasing the water holding capacity of loose or sandy soils and improving the drainage in hardpan soils, Peruvian Gold Mother Lode Fertilizer provides an optimal approach to a long-term, low stress, nutrient healthier habitat for your lawn and plants.

     Llama manure is lower in undigested vegetable matter than that of most other livestock.  This is due to the highly efficient digestive system of the llama, (ie. three stomachs).  By digesting so completely, no seeds pass through the llamas system.  Compared to other livestock manure, the nitrogen and potash content of llama manure is comparatively high, an indication of good fertilizer value.  The manure directly applied to growing media will not burn plants or lawn and composting improves what is already a great nutritional amendment.

     Composting Peruvian Gold Llama Manure involves a static aerated bin system. The manure pellets and rice hulls are loaded into specially designed redwood compost bins after being ground to a ratio of 9:1.  Airflow induced through the pile maintains aerobic conditions throughout the composting cycle/process.  Once the bins are loaded, the natural composting cycle begins.  The bins are monitored 24hrs a day to ensure optimal conditions to produce optimal composed llama manure.

     The results- a stable composted llama manure fertilizer that provide macro, secondary, micronutrients along with organic matter that adds humus to the soil while feeding the beneficial life that lives within the soil. Mother Lode Fertilizer also increases the water holding capacity of the soil.  Plants growing in soil or media enriched with Peruvian Gold are stronger, nutrient healthier, and more vigorous.

     At Winterfalls Ranch, we are very proud of Peruvian Gold Mother Lode Fertilizer.  We have enjoyed the harvest of vegetables, fruits, and flowers from our gardens nurtured by Peruvian Gold since 1997 and hope you will enjoy yours just as much after using Peruvian Gold Organic Llama Manure.




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Sierra Nevada Fertilizer

Developed for the hard clay and  hardpan soils found in  many areas, Peruvian Gold Mother Lode Fertilizer is a stable composted manure fertilizer providing optimum plant nutrients

Total-Nitrogen (N)  1.81%      

Phosphorus (P205) 0.62%    

Potash (K2O) 1.48%  

Mother Lode Fertilizer nurtures and supports the beneficial life that lives within the soil; improves the soil structure; provides macro, secondary, and micronutrients a plant needs; and is a natural fertilizer plants thrive in.  Plants growing in soil enriched with PG’s Mothe Lode Fertilizer and stronger, nutrient healthier, and more vigorous.


Mother Lode Fertilizer is a natural fertilizer your plants will thrive in

  • Naturally occurring Macro, Secondary and Micronutrients
  • Nurtures the life within the soil
  • Increases water holding capacity of soils
  • Will not burn plants or lawns
  • Encourages vigorous  growth with optimal fruit, flower, and vegetable development