Liquid Copal

Multicolored Indian corn.The sun, with all those planets revolving around it and dependent on it, can still ripen a bunch of grapes as if it had nothing else in the universe to do.  ~ Galileo

      Peruvian Gold’s Liquid Copal is an all-purpose liquid fertilizer derived from llama manure for all plants and growing media from the lawn and garden to indoor house plants and hydroponic systems.  A liquid fertilizer developed for the gardeners and growers that want to use a single formula fertilizer from seed to harvest and/or weekly plant nutritional maintenance.  Liquid Copal provides the nutrients needed to promote vigorous growth and nutrient healthier growing media for all your plants from the lawn and garden to indoor house plants.

     Liquid Copal is an excellent source of macronutrients, nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K).  Providing the nutrients needed to promote vigorous growth and nutrient healthy growing media for all your plants from the lawn and garden to indoor house plants.  Derived from composted llama manure the naturally provides readily available nitrogen, phosphate, and potash.

      Nitrogen is Important in photosynthesis, metabolism, protoplasm reactions.  It is important for many growth and development processes.  Nitrogen is a necessary part of all proteins, enzymes, and metabolic processes involved in the synthesis and transfer of energy.  A nitrogen deficiency will cause a plant to grow slower, cause stunting, (dwarfing and loss of vigor), and turn a yellow-green color that is more pronounced in older tissue, (bottom of plant).

     Phosphorus is important for the energy systems.  It stimulates early growth, root formation, promotes seed formation, and is important in photosynthesis.  Phosphorus is involved in the formation of all oils, sugars, starches, etc.  It also encourages blooming and root growth.  A plant deficient in phosphorus grows slow, has stunting, and purplish color on foliage.

     Potassium affects membrane permeability and relationships; Stomata opening/closing internal water relations, cell division, starch, and protein synthesis.  It increases quality and size of fruits and vegetables.  Potassium also increases a
plants’ disease resistance.  A plant deficient in potassium shows signs of slow growth, leaf tip and marginal burn, necrosis, (starts on more mature leaves), weak stalks, small fruits, and shriveled seeds.

     Liquid Copal is our general use formula from our line of liquid fertilizers derived from composted llama manure.  From your lawn to your hydroponic system Liquid Copal is an excellent source of readily available macronutrients, which provide the nutrients needed to promote vigorous plant growth and a nutrient healthy growing media.


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Available in 32oz, 1gal, 2.5gal, & 5gal containers

Larger amounts available special order




An Ancient Fertilizer

Developed as an all-purpose fertilizer to give your plants the nutrients needed to promote vigorous growth and a nutrient healthier growing media

Total-Nitrogen (N)  0.07%      

Phosphorus (P205) 0.0067%    

Potash (K2O) 0.2258%  

Designed to promote vigorous plant development and plant growth.  Helps develop a nutrient healthier growing media.  For all plants and growing media from rose garden to hydroponic systems.  Produces healthy, productive plants even during times of stress.  Increases nutrient healthy growing media.


Naturally provides nitrogen, phosphate, and potash

  • Builds nutrient healthier media for vigorous root, stem and leaf growth
  • Increases nutrient uptake from the soil or growing medium into the plant
  • Can be used during the complete growing cycle or season
  •  Will not burn your plants when used as directed
  • Double to triple the fruit, flower, vegetable and foliage yields