Micro Builder

Hops sm rev2There is no gardening without humility.  Nature is constantly sending even its oldest scholars to the bottom of the class for some egregious blunder.  ~ Alfred Austin

Peruvian Gold’s Micro Builder was developed to give your plants the macro, secondary and micronutrients they need during the vegetative stage.  Our organic blend of Winterfalls’ composted llama manure, earthworm castings, and Norwegian kelp produce a formula that provides complete nutrients needed to promote vigorous growth and nutrient healthier growing media for all your fruit, flower, and vegetable plants.

Micronutrient deficiency in plants adversely affects plant growth and development.  Carbohydrates are not metabolized correctly; root metabolism and protein utilization are impacted; photosynthesis and respiration are inhibited; nitrogen utilization is inhibited; and chlorophyll synthesis is impacted, just to name a few of the problems a micronutrient deficiency can cause in plants.  Micro Builder can correct and/or prevent micronutrient deficiencies.

     Plants and vegetables nurtured by Peruvian Gold’s liquid organic micronutrients, “Micro Builder” grow nutrient healthier and are more resistant to pest and diseases.  The fruits and vegetables have more flavor, nutrition, and tests have shown a longer shelf life.  Flowers have more oils, aroma, and are more resistant to sunburn.  A macro, secondary, and micronutrient fertilizer for the foliage stage in one product for your hydroponic, foliage application, soil and other planting mediums.

     Combining the same legendary llama manure extract, Liquid Copal, with worm castings and Norwegian Kelp we believe that we have produced one of the best organic micronutrient fertilizers for hydroponic systems, foliar applications, soil, and plants.  Micro Builder provides nutrients that are immediately available and enough NPK, (0.03 – 0.0135 – 0.2639), to provide your plants complete support thru the growing cycle or vegetative stage.

     Independent tests show double to triple the foliage and double to triple the fruit, flower, and vegetable yields with plants growing in a mixture of 25%/75% Peruvian Gold Llama Manure/potting soil and watered weekly with Micro Builder.  Gardens that already had great growing media/soil fertilized weekly with Micro Builder outgrew and out produced ones that were not fertilized with Micro Builder.

     With a great lineup of readily available macro, secondary, and micronutrients our liquid micronutrient fertilizer Micro Builder can be used to correct or prevent micronutrient deficiencies.  It promotes vigorous growth and nutrient healthier growing media for all plants and growing media from hydroponic to indoor house plants.  Used as a foliar spray positive results are seen within 24 hrs.



Micro Builder rev4



Available in 32oz, 1gal, 2.5 gal, and 5 gal containers

Larger amounts available special order





Nutrient Line Up

Develop to give your plants the macro, secondary, and micronutrients they need during the vegetative stage

Total-Nitrogen (N)  0.03%       Phosphorus (P) 0.0031%

Phosphorus (P2O5) 0.0135%         Potassium (K)  0.129%

Potash (K2O) 0.2639%                    Magnesium (Mg) 0.049%

Boron (B) 0.00022%                        Iron (Fe) 0.00036%

Manganese (Mn) 0.00012%            Sulfur (S) 0.0139%

Zinc (Zn) 0.000027%                       Molybdenum  (Mo) 0.000003%

Calcium (Ca) 0.01348%                   Sodium (Na) 0.0090%

Copper (Cu) 0.00001%                    Chlorine (Cl) 0.02726%


 Corrects and prevents micronutrient deficiencies

  • Plants are greener within 24 – 48 hours
  • Provides the nutrients needed to promote vigorous growth
  • Readily available macro, secondary and micronutrient for your plants
  • Promote nutrient healthier growing media for stronger, vigorous plants
  • Excellent for adding much needed micronutrients to citrus trees in the spring