California Farm Bureau

The California Farm Bureau Federation is a non-governmental, non-profit,
voluntary membership California corporation whose purpose is to protect and
promote agricultural interests throughout the state of California and to find
solutions to the problems of the farm, the farm home and the rural community.

Farm Bureau is California’s largest farm organization, comprised of 53 county
Farm Bureaus currently representing nearly 78,000 agricultural, associate
and collegiate members in 56 counties.

Farm Bureau serves as a political arm of the farmer speaking out on local, state and national issues that affect the agricultural commodities we raise. We also promote education of our members and the community on agricultural-related issues.

Farm Bureau strives to protect and  improve the ability of farmers and ranchers engaged in production agriculture to  provide a reliable supply of food and fiber through responsible stewardship of  California’s resources.   The purpose of Farm Bureau is to surface, analyze, and solve the problems of farmers, ranchers, and loggers — representing the needs and interests of all El Dorado County farming families.


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