Premium Ingredients

Only Premium Ingredients Make Their Way Here

We only allow our products to be made with high quality, premium ingredients. Nothing we put on the market will ever contain any blood meal, bone meal, feathers, or animal by-products. What we strive to do is use what nature has already, organically produced for us and mesh it into something of even higher value. In using only premium ingredients, we promise to deliver environmentally friendly fertilizers and nutrients which helps to sustain the world around us.


Our Products Are Sustainably Harvested

When collecting our chosen ingredients, we do not harm any parts of the environment or the life living within it. We sustainably harvest every piece of each nutrient and amendment we use in our formula. This means that we even handpick our seaweed.  Our belief is to bring a product out into the market which provides benefits for the environment and ecosystems even decades after its use. From where we harvest to wherever around the globe it is used, we are passionate about providing premium goods that benefit our earth. From providing our llamas with a pasture in which they can roam freely, happily, and safely to ensuring we only use organic products, we are happy to continue offering a high quality, organic alternative to the public.

We Protect Our Environment at All Costs

We will never choose to take a route which may compromise the environment or jeopardize the quality of our ingredients. No matter the amount of work it takes to sustainably harvest every, individual ingredient, we are proud to be in a position where we can create a healthy fertilizer. It is within our own passion for what we do that we are adamant about producing goods which are safe for our animals, the environment, and ourselves. Our goal is to take an ancient fertilizer and turn it into something which can continue to be used for generations to come.

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