Organic Hydroponics

Understanding the History of Hydroponics

Discovered and researched since the mid-17th century, hydroponics is the art of growing plants in water using mineral nutrient solutions without the use of soil. Since then, research has developed to testify that soil itself is not a necessary component of plant growth. While it acts as a nutrient reservoir of sorts in natural settings, there are new methods that have developed to entirely rid of its presence. Providing a complete system to control all nutrient levels, hydroponics is a growing industry creating new approaches to growing.

Where in-ground agriculture or gardening is not possible, this method of growing creates an entirely new opportunity to allow plants to thrive. Indoors or outdoors, these versatile systems are being developed at a fast rate and becoming a more and more popular option.

How Our Formula Survives Without Soil

Without having to worry about nutrition pollution, pesticide introduction, and most pests or diseases, our formula has a free reign to prove all of what it’s capable of. In having manual dictation over the flow of nutrients, be it through solution culture or medium culture, the introduction of our extracted nutrients is a great way to get the most out of it all. While hydroponics affords higher yields in and of itself, the addition of our nutrients only helps to accelerate that growth. By introducing the feed directly to the roots of all plants, all of the pure benefits from our formula will be shown in the final glory of each plant’s produce.

A Nutrient Working with Your System

These organic nutrients will not muck up your system. We understand how important it is to keep everything running smoothly and have meticulously tested to ensure our hydroponic feed is of the highest quality and product. Not having to worry about a clogged up system leaves you with time to plant more and focus on easily harvesting your healthier, full-of-life yield.

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