Peruvian Gold Organic Fertilizers & Soil Amendments

AmanitaFor Use in the Outside or Inside Garden

Whether a hobbyist or the owner of an agricultural business, we are pleased to offer the formula of our nutrients in a product that can be added to:

Your own soil

Container plants

Hydroponic systems

Foliar applications

All growing mediums.

Our Peruvian Gold is composed of the organic nutrients and amendments derived from llama manure that will assist in benefiting the overall growth of your plants.

This product allows you to implement the nutrients of our tested formula into any and all of your growing methods as you see fit. We extracted the goods of what nature put in our 49er fertilizer so that you have the choice to distribute it any way that is most beneficial to your chosen practices. All of the things which naturally make llama manure a great choice for fertilizer have been stripped down and added to a formula which complements & works together with other nutrients to form an end product sure to prove just exactly what it’s capable of.

Why Choose Our Nutrients and Amendments

Peruvian Gold soil amendments are best chosen if you are looking to strengthen a soil that you have already laid out or are most comfortable with. Our specialty fertilizers are a great addition to providing necessary nutrients to any container plants you may have, garden soils, as well as incorporating it into your hydroponic systems or foliar applications. Peruvian Gold provides you with control to see where the amendments work best and can offer defined experimentation in testing which soils or nutrients offer you the best yield or growth.

We are confident that the addition of Peruvian Gold to any growing medium will produce a noticeable and beneficial result. With a wide spectrum of possibilities and uses, this is a great option as a gift to a hobbyist gardener or for an abundance of personal & professional uses. It is available in an array of sizes to fit your needs.

Nutrients for all Mediums

Garden Soil, Raised Beds, Grow Bags…


Indoor House Plants, Greenhouses…

Greenhouse on the heart of the forest