Product Developement Update

Compost Tea

Peruvian Gold compost tea bags are now available.  The kit includes .25 cu. ft. of Peruvian Gold composted llama manure, a burlap “tea” bag to soak the manure in, and Mad River’s compost tea recipe.  We do not recommend putting molasses, sugar, honey, or any other carbohydrate in our compost tea mix while brewing.  We add a tablespoon of organic unsulphered molasses per 5 gallons of water/solution right before we apply

Plant Recover Solution

Our plant recovery solution, (Zombie Juice), began field-testing last summer.  Reports are coming in of plants coming back from the brink of death, plants dying from neglect with on 1 or 2 leaves left on it have recovered and growing healthy from using the “Juice”.  The formula contains a proprietary blend of Liquid Copal, 99.9% water soluble Nitrogen, amino acids, and organic plant growth regulators, (PGR).

Nitrogen Solution

Our plant “tonic”, (Nitro), is showing great preliminary results helping plants recover or prevent from nitrogen deficiencies.  Preliminary results are proving this to be one of the best nitrogen products we have seen.  With a nitrogen that is 99.9% water soluble plants are responding to applications immediately. Testing will continue for the indoor grow season.

We expect to have our Zombie Juice and Nitro on the market by Q3 2014.

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