You Tube Videos

Peruvian Gold Organics You Tube Channel

Check out our video ads on our You Tube channel, Peruvian Gold Organics,  We will be adding new videos as they come out of the cutting room.  We have made these videos for entertainment only.  Many of these videos highlight the skills and talents of many graphic artists, spokes persons, comedians etc.

How-to & Grow Log Videos Coming

In the spring 2014 we will also be adding some grow log videos of plants and gardens nurtured by Peruvian Gold and some how-to videos.  Info such as cloning, transplanting, pruning, etc.  If you have a how-to request send us an email and we will see if we can turn it into a video.

Don’t Miss Out Subscribe

You can also subscribe to our You Tube channel by clicking on the You Tube logo at the top of the page.  Enjoy but don’t take some of these too seriously, (where else do you get to see a hamburger doing a strip tease?). 



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